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I am a young, dynamic mother of two wonderful kids, a freelancer professional with years of various exposures, practical experience in interior designing and renovations. 

I have been studying and practicing fine arts, interior design, textile art, painting and photography, all these giving me the advantage of seeing rooms in new perspectives with new and fresh potentials. I'm passionate about creating new spaces with different textures, with the illusion of lighter and wider spaces through different sources of light, but also careful with its functionality and its practicality


I am always informed and knowledgeable in fashion trends and interior designs, adapting to the given architecture, successfully combining new elements of design with the classical architecture


Working in different countries and cultures such as Costa Rica, Romania and Austria and with different languages, gave me the opportunity to develop a high degree of flexibility, understanding of cultural differences and appreciation of diversity.


When acquiring a new property or even new furniture for a room or for an entire new home, is hard to imagine the final result, and it can be a scary process at times, because you cannot simply see the end result. 


Many of us would opt, in this case, for something ready made, easy to purchase, that just needs to fit in the existing space. And this is why a lot of us live in white houses with beige bathrooms and standard kitchens; and the problem is not that you live in a sterile place, that you can hardly call home, but because you pay for it. Somebody already planned that space and spent the time and money for it, but not for your needs or your style. 

The difference is that an artist is excited about a blank canvas, while someone who just wants a painting will buy a painting, but I could paint that for you and only for you 


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Interior Design
Full interior design services. Working closely with you, we can create the space to suit your lifestyle, taste, and requirements.
From small to big, from one detail that might represent you to adapting the whole place to you, or from a big concept to small; together we can divide your space into smaller spaces where you can fall in love with details.
Interior Layout & Planning
Decorative solutions to cater for all your needs, from planning a single room to curating accessories for an entire property. I create Computer-Aided Design room layouts to ensure space is used to its full potential and to help you envisage the final result.
Non-load-bearing walls are easier and less expensive to remove, but you don't have to stop there, there are always ways to customize your home.
Spaces like an extra bathroom can be very important for a comfortable living, so I´ll try to find that extra corner to use.  Kitchens are in most of the cases the heart of a home, where people would spend a lot, if not most of the time; where families and friends gather to cook, enjoy a meal, and a great conversation, but also where kids can do their homework. 
The furniture, the storage space for your food and the right lighting are playing a key role here. Enough plugs for your kitchen accessories and appliances that are hidden, for the heating system, a special covered corner for your laundry or even a painted wall, can make it not only comfortable but also enjoyable. 
Assistance in purchasing a property 
Before you may even consider buying that property, we can have that talk and see if the new location meets your desires and your budget. Being active, not only in remodeling  but also in searching for properties, it gives me the advantage of being able to estimate a property value and, of course, I can see details that might need to be taken into consideration, and give you a rough estimation of the work that needs to be done later on.
I can help transform your property, from small interior design projects to a complete redesign, inside and out.
 ... or selling a property
Everyone knows the potential benefits from flipping a property before you sell it for a better profit. With a bit of time and some of my professional experience, the selling process might be faster and more to your advantage.
Buying furniture and other accessories   
Home organising  
We are all collecting a lot of things during the years, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to start sorting them, especially if  we plan to move. Sometimes there are just too many winter stuff or loved toys which are difficult to let go. Or maybe you have the wrong storage space or not enough labels boxes.  
In the last 15 year I personally moved 9 times, which makes my life sometime difficult, but also fun. I can choose a different style of kitchen every time, get to sort my stuff and my kids stuff, which makes more space for new fun and pretty things.
And with that experience I would be happy to help you get your house organised
Hand made personalised Accent Walls



The places I like to visit for inspiration and the people I choose to work with, might give you a better idea about the style, materials, but also prices and quality I like to use